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Alfreda Lanoix Online is an internet resource for forward-thinking, progressive people from all walks of life.

"Untill you can look in the mirror and see God, then you don't know God" - Alfreda Lanoix


  Black LGBT Rally on Chrenshaw   
  Because Silence Won't Protect Us!

Do you have to be so "gay"? A familiar question by individuals who just don't get that "gay" isn't a choice any more than "straight" is. We realize that our ability to hide will not protect us. So we unite as progressive people of all sexual orientations to say: Stop the madness!


Black GLBT Rally on Chrenshaw Boulevard

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Wedding Matters: Courage Campaign
Rev. Freda (Officiates more than 50 same-sex marriages)
Finding God in The City of Angels
Alfreda and others discuss the many spiritual paths found in Los Angeles
The Creation of Love@Work
Alfreda Lanoix's Bi-monthly Spiritual Support Group was Featured on CBS's LOGO TV
Black GLBT Rally on Chrenshaw Bouevard (Against Prop-8)
Alfreda initiates grassroots protest of California's highly unconstitutional Proposition 8 which barred same-sex marriages in the stae of California.
  Future New York Times Bestseller

Connect with Alfreda Lanoix and together, we can make a world of difference!

Alfreda's greatest hope is to make a difference in her corner of the earth. This primary objective is accomplished with purposeful dedication to social justice - for all. We welcome Media inquiries. We are available for network interviews, articles, informal talks, and academic lectures. Should you wish to collaborate with Alfreda, please direct all media inquiries to:

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