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Alfreda Lanoix Online is an internet resource for forward-thinking, progressive people from all walks of life.

"Untill you can look in the mirror and see God, then you don't know God" - Alfreda Lanoix

Go To Hell was created from my life experiences and, from them, the knowledge that life is not personal.  Situations, incidents and circumstances, whether they are positive, negative or indifferent, will show up in your life.  I know now that, through my life experiences, I was my greatest enemy.  I believed that the things that happened to me (“life”) were unfair and this allowed me to be a victim as I continued to struggle in that mindset.  I spent a great majority of my time feeling very hopeless and powerless and placing blame:  blaming others, blaming my gender, blaming my sexuality and blaming my race.  I had created my own personal “hell” on earth.

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The experience is all about empowering those who are ready to embrace their full individuality. I wrote this book that others may learn from my experiences. I dare you to consider purchasing this book. Be prepared to look deep into the windows of your own soul - Fret not; the journey will be most rwarding!

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